Auditing Your HR Functions

Conducting Human Resource Compliance Audit

Evaluate Your Practices and Policies with an Independent Review

There are different types of HR Audits. Some companies conduct an internal audit, a compliance audit that focuses on relevant regulatory requirements, and a processes and practices audit.

External expertise is crucial to the success of the audit. HR auditors are well-versed on compliance requirements, risks and current best practices. Obtaining … Read More

Employee Handbook Pitfalls

employee handbook development

Employee Handbook Common  Mistakes

Courtesy of the law firm of Lehr Middlebrooks & Vreeland, here are common pitfalls to avoid when you are writing your employee handbook:

  1. Avoid “legalese” and jargon – Even lawyers should not write an employee handbook like lawyers. Employment policies should be written in clear, easily understandable language. Avoid jargon from your industry. Remember: the most important reader of your handbook
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Wage and Hour Hot Spots for 2012

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Wage and Hour Compliance Regulations


Look for the DOL (Department of Labor) Wage and Hour Division to be even more aggressive in 2012! Where you used to receive a letter, then a phone call, and then an investigator, now you will get more than one approach at the same time.

Stacie Caraway, of Miller & Marin states that one … Read More