How Not To Deal With Sexual Harassment Complaints

employment sexual harassment

A recent EEOC lawsuit just settled for $2.3 million and it gives a good example of how NOT to handle sexual harassment complaints.  The harassment was compounded by retailiation and ratcheted up with evidence tampering.

In the suit, the employee complained to the department manager that her manager was sexting her and inviting her to his house for drinks. The manager was ultimately termination allegedly for … Read More

EEOC Steps Up Enforcement Actions On Criminal Background Checks

criminal background checks

Employment Background Check Policies

Many of our clients ask us why we utilize an investigator to do background checks – this is just one of the reasons we do not use other methods of background checking:

According to Robin Largent of Carothers, DiSante & Freudenberger, earlier this month, the EEOC filed lawsuits against two companies, BMW Manufacturing and Dollar General, alleging that their criminal background check … Read More

Are Your I-9 Procedures Correct?

i-9 procedures

Form I-9: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

We’ve all heard the stories about the government “cracking down” over I-9 and Immigration procedures.  This checklist may help ensure that your processes are correct when you question jobseekers:

  • Ask each jobseeker whether he or she is authorized to work in the US.  Do Not Ask about Place of Birth or National Origin
  • Have each new hire fill out
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