Pay-related Lawsuits have Exploded

Pay-related Lawsuits have Exploded

Pay-Related Lawsuits have risen 10% in the past year! Why Is This Happening?

One reason is that overtime and other unpaid-time lawsuits have become cottage industry for
lawyers, according to HR Specialist. In many cases, a single lawsuit can transform into a class action case on behalf of hundreds of employees.

HR Specialist states that the best way to avoid these claims is to follow these … Read More

Terminations Always Involve Human Resource

terminations always involve human resource

HR to Inform Workers of Their Rights Upon Termination

The California Employer Daily Newsletter states that in a CBS MoneyWatch article, columnist Amy Levin-Epstein said that it’s “often” a good idea to involve HR when terminating an employee.  Good advice, but it doesn’t go far enough.

HR should always be involved in a termination decision.

Here is a list of the expensive problems that can crop … Read More

Human Resource Trends and Traps for 2014

human resources

Big Changes in Human Resources for the 21st Century

According to the HR Daily Advisor, Attorney Mark Schickman of Freelend Cooper & Foreman, LLP in San Francisco says that the dramatic changes in HR in 2013 will continue in 2014.

What Are the Big Changes for the 21st Century?

Schickman’s crystal ball suggests that the issues below will be drives of 21st century change.… Read More