Sins of Wage and Hour Management

human resource advice - wage and hours

Wage and hour management should be simple but it’s not!

Here are some common “sins” as discussed in the HR Daily Advisor:

1. Failure to pay the minimum wage – All employees are entitled to receive at least the minimum wage for all hours worked. Special arrangements may be made for some positions (like wait staff as long as tips put them above the minimum wage) … Read More

The Dangers of Inconsistency and Retaliation

Human Resource Advice - The Dangers of Inconsistency and Retaliation

What are the Dangers of Inconsistency and Retaliation?

If an employee has violated the law or your employment policies, you should follow your general disciplinary policies and procedures in making decisions regarding disciplinary action.

Your disciplinary action should include:

  • Ensure that the appropriate discipline is applied (the punishment should fit the crime)
  • Ensure that discipline is consistent for all employees
  • Give employees fair warning that they
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“Steering” Is 2014’s New Twist On Discrimination

What is Steering?

“Steering” may be charged when people in a protected class are “steered” to jobs with lower long-term potential than other similar jobs. For example: in a grocery store, women may be steered to entry-level jobs in the floral department while men are steered to jobs in the meat department. Initially, both jobs pay the same, but the advancement opportunities are significantly greater in … Read More