Interview: Why Consult with Human Resource Experts?

Interview with HR Advisors, Inc VP

Interview: Why Consult with Human Resource Experts?


“Well, at the end of the day, HR is supposed to be looking out for the company.  They should be aware of the policies of the company and making them fair so the people are not treated unfairly or discriminated against.  That state and federal policies are followed.  Why should someone build a whole core competency

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Think you Chose the Right Person for Supervision?

right person for supervision

A Study says 82% of Your Managers Just Can’t Cut it!

According to “What’s Working in Human Resources” April news, it’s no secret managers are often the cause of some of HR’s biggest headaches!

Companies fail to pick the right person for the role – 82% of the time according to new information from Gallup.

Gallup’s research shows that only 18% of current managers demonstrate a … Read More