The Science of Hiring: 5 Tips to Write the Perfect Job Posting

Tips to Write the Perfect Job Posting

How to Write Effective Job Postings?

Finding great people to add to your company isn’t always easy. From experience and loyalty to specific skills and qualifications, a great job posting can help you target the type of applicants you want while avoiding those that aren’t suitable for the role.

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Screening 101: 6 Danger Signs to Watch Out For in a Bad Resume and Cover Letter

Bad Resume and Cover Letter

How to Speed Up the Process of Finding the Best Person for the Job?

If you receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters every time you advertise a new position, it can often be difficult to separate the standout resumes from those which don’t quite meet your standards.

Screening resumes takes a lot of time, but it’s possible to speed up the process with some simple … Read More

Who to Recruit: The 5 Characteristics of a Great Addition to Your Business

Great Addition to Business

5 Qualities of Effective Employees

Is it time to add new people to your business? Hiring is a difficult process for many businesses. One of the aspects of hiring that most businesses struggle with the most is finding the best applicant from a list of hundreds of cover letters and resumes.

In this guide, we’ll cover five characteristics that you should look for in an applicant, … Read More

5 Benefits of Working With an HR Consultant as You Grow Your Business

Working with an HR Consultant

Benefits of Using HR Consulting Services

Is growth your company’s top priority? When you’re growing your business, having a skilled and capable team is essential. From technical staff to management, a great team can make rapid business growth less of a dream and more of a reality.

One of the hardest parts of growing your business is building the right team. Highly skilled and capable staff … Read More

Wage And Hour Litigation – Low Hanging Fruit For Plaintiffs’ Attorneys

Wage And Hour Litigation

Misclassification is a very hot issue these days, according to Attorney Deanna Brinkerhoff.  First, there is the issue of exempt and nonexempt.  We must always apply the salary basis test and the duties tests to double-check any decision about exemptions.

The other challenge under misclassification is the independent contractor vs. employee problem. Among the factors that the U.S. Supreme Court has considered significant are:

  • The extent
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10 Simple Strategies to Avoid DOL’s Wage/Hour Audits

Simple Strategies to Avoid DOL’s Wage Audits

According to Susan Price, BLR’s Legal Editor, these 10 strategies will help prevent or handle a wage and hour investigation:

  1. Avoid unfair compensation practices. Be sure that your employees are compensated in a consistent manner. If your pay practices are consistent, complaints are less likely to arise and you will be in a better place if the DOL does launch an investigation.
  2. Understand the regulations.
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Minimum Wage Increase Takes Effect July 1, 2014

Minimum Wage Increase

A friendly reminder to all clients! The first phase of the minimum wage increase takes effect July 1, 2014, and will increase the mandated minimum wage from $8.00 to $9.00 per hour.

Also effective July 1, 2014, the following revised posting and notice requirements take effect in California:

  • Employers must prominently display a poster showing the new, $9.00 per hour, minimum wage.
  • Employers must start
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