Training Topics to Help Keep You Out of Court

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There are a bewildering amount of training topics that new managers and supervisors need in order to do their jobs! These topics should come first if you want to stay out of court:

1. Wage/Hour/FLSA. This is a challenge because managers and supervisors think they know the rules, but the rules are more complex than they think they are. Typical manager/supervisor blunders:

  • Not paying for unauthorized
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Sins of Well- Meaning Supervisors

Sins of Well-meaning Supervisors

It seems as though there are so many ways that your supervisors and managers can practically beg for a lawsuit even though they have the best of intentions. Here are just a few examples:

1. Making Unlawful Pre-employment Inquiries: The supervisor may ask the applicant: Do you have any children? If so, will you have any daycare problems?

2. Delivering “Dishonest” Evaluations: Supervisors giving an employee … Read More

Communication, Communication, Communication!

communication in your organization

If you were to ask your employees what they like least about their jobs, you would not be surprised to hear that they typically might cite a problem with communication! In fact, in many employee attitude surveys, participating organizations across the board were rated lowest on questions related to communication, while at the same time, employees who took the survey said that communication was very important … Read More