Manager Mistakes That Spark Lawsuits

HR manager mistakes

Most lawsuits are not triggered by great injustices. Instead, simple management mistakes and perceived slights start the discontent. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes as cited by the Manager’s Legal Bulletin, that managers make that harm an organization’s credibility in court:

  • Sloppy documentation. Most discrimination cases aren’t won with “smoking gun” evidence. They are proven through documents or statement made by managers. Documents, particularly
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Questions That Must Be Asked Before Termination

employee termination

When managers are considering a termination, they are typically feeling upset and uncomfortable. They just want to “get it over with.”

As business owners or HR Professionals, we need to slow them down and ask a few very important questions first or else you may be headed for an expensive lawsuit.

  1. Have you followed your own policies? Check your policy to be sure that you have
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Why Do Companies Outsource Recruiting?

outsource recruiting

1. They Are Having Trouble Finding Great Candidates. If an organization is serious about finding great candidates and getting those positions filled, they may outsource their recruiting to source candidates in more places, to improve their employment branding, and/or work on the job descriptions for these positions.

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Are You Hiring The Right People?


There is no doubt the economy is heating up and many companies are looking to hire multiple employees, not just one or two!

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