Getting Ready For The Healthy Families Act of 2014

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On September 9, 2014, CA Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1522, also known as the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014.

This law will go into effect in July, 2015 and unless a collective bargaining agreement is in place, will apply to all employers operating with the State, including those who already offer paid time off (PTO).

This law entitles exempt or non-exempt employees … Read More

5 Top Performer Employees to Hire for Your Lean Startup

Top Performer Employees

Originally proposed in 2011 by entrepreneur and blogger Eric Ries as a template for growing startups to follow, the Lean Startup methodology has grown into a valuable system used by many of the world’s most popular startups to grow rapidly.

The Lean Startup system is simple: it’s built around the idea of creating an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product – that serves not only to … Read More

Recruiting the Highest Qualified Candidates

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When hiring comes to mind many companies may look to a contingency agency, however, this can be the most costly and the candidates may not always be the best fit for the position. Contingency recruiters typically require a 20-30 percent commission of the candidate’s salary which can be very expensive for the client, especially if the position being filled is at the executive level.

The business … Read More

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Startups Make When Hiring

startups hiring mistakes

While having a great product or wonderful advertising can set your business apart from the rest, the key to success in a startup environment is having a great team of people.

It’s easy to look at established companies and assume that their team came together naturally. However, every company began as a startup, and every startup has to put together its team the same way: piece … Read More

5 Tips for Staffing Your Startup for Optimal Growth

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The first few months of startup life can be a struggle. Without enough cash to hire employees and expand your team, it’s often up to you (and your fellow co-founders, if you have any) to take care of your company’s workload yourself.

As growth begins to occur and cash starts to flow, however, your priorities begin to change. You start to take a top-down view of … Read More

Should You Offer Equity When Hiring for Your Startup?

Hiring for Startup

One of the biggest problems many startups face is finding qualified, motivated staff to fuel growth and product development. Working for a startup is a risk, and it’s one that many professionals are – quite understandably – concerned about.

Founders have a variety of ways to make the process of working for their startup a less risky, more potentially rewarding experience for early-stage employees. One of … Read More

Common Wage And Hour Sins!

Common Wage and Hour Sins

Are You Guilty of Any of These Sins?

Wage and Hour mistakes are among the most costly errors employers can make, potentially spurring wide-range class action lawsuits populated by current and former employees going back years.

  1. Inappropriate Deductions

Many times employer deductions from employee paychecks can land a company in legal trouble. For example: employers cannot legally deduct from an employee’s wages if a cash shortage, … Read More