4 Ways to Make Sure Your Company Attracts Top-Performing Staff

Top-Performing Staff

Great companies are all about people. The world’s most well-known brands and most successful companies are the result of the hard work, creativity and results-focused attitudes of people the involved in them.

With people playing such an important role in any company’s success, there’s an important question that every company founder has asked themselves: “How can our business attract and retain top-performing people that make it Read More

5 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring for an Important Role

Interview Questions

Is your business growing rapidly? It’s difficult to scale your company’s operations and income without also scaling its team, which makes hiring qualified people one of the top priorities of many startups.

Hiring can be a difficult process, especially if your company is relatively new. New companies are often viewed as “risky” professional investments by highly capable people, as they often can’t offer the stability and … Read More

How to Create an Amazing Company Culture to Inspire Employees

Company Culture

Do people love to work for your company? There are certain companies – from tech industry giants like Apple to companies such as Southwest Airlines – that stand out from their competitors for their culture of being great places to work.

For many people, compensation is the biggest source of motivation. Money can be a huge motivator, particularly in results-driven jobs such as sales, where a … Read More

5 Simple But Effective Ways to Improve Retention for Your Startup

Employee Retention for Startup

Startup founders and entrepreneurs often talk about customer retention rate – the percentage of customers that, after signing up for their product or service, stay with the company as it continues to grow.

Increasingly, customer retention rate is being replaced in meetings and discussions by another form of retention rate: employee retention rate. With so many companies competing for talented people, retaining your top employees can … Read More