5 Recruiting Tips for Rapidly Growing Companies

Recruiting Tips for Growing Companies

Rapidly growing companies, particularly startups that have grown from nothing to a significant amount of revenue in little time, can run into a range of problems when it comes to finding and recruiting staff.

Lacking the prestige and stability of an established company, many rapidly growing businesses struggle to get “on the radar” of professionals. Many smaller companies with huge growth potential often don’t have the … Read More

How to Write an Engaging and Effective Employee Handbook

Effective Employee Handbook

How to Write an Engaging and Effective Employee Handbook?

Your company’s employee handbook is one of the most important documents it will publish, and it’s also one of the easiest to get wrong. Seemingly small issues such as poor wording can have serious legal ramifications in the event of a serious dispute.

Likewise, a lack of information can cause your employees to misunderstand what your company … Read More

Human Resources Management Tips

Human Resources Management Tips

3 HR Management Tips for a More Effective Organization

From making sure the right people are hired for the right positions to keeping your team motivated, optimistic and happy, HR departments have a huge range of goals and priorities to focus on at once.

One of these goals is to ensure that the human side of the organization – in every company, the most important side … Read More

Effective Performance Appraisal for Employees

Effective Performance Appraisal

How to Carry Out an Effective Performance Appraisal for Employees?

Carrying out in-depth performance appraisals of your organization’s employees is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity and make your employees feel that their hard work and contributions are appreciated.

From using the wrong metrics to assess performance to applying a standard that’s simply too strict to employees, there are many ways to compromise … Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Entire Staff More Focused and Motivated

5 Ways to Make Your Staff More Focused and Motivated

Whether your company specializes in B2C software development or B2B services, it can be difficult to keep your staff motivated and focused. Thousands of guides have been written on the topic, from simple How-To blog posts to in-depth books.

Keeping your staff focused and motivated requires a combination of effective and results-focused management, a productive work environment and a culture that’s compelling and inspiring. It’s a … Read More

How to Hire Sales and Business Development Reps for Your Startup

Hire Sales and Business Development for Startup

Your startup is growing rapidly and managing the various tasks that the business requires – from marketing to operations to accounting – is becoming too much for you to handle. It’s time to make your first hire, and the decision is sales.

Hiring a sales and business development representative for your startup can seem impossible, especially if you’ve only just started to produce revenue. However, the … Read More