Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

6 Ways to Make Your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training More Effective

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate, uncomfortable reality of the workplace that’s important to be aware of. Effective sexual harassment training can make employees more aware of the risk of sexual harassment and prevent it from happening.

Although sexual harassment is an extremely serious issue, it’s often hard to provide sexual harassment prevention training that clearly … Read More

5 Tips for Conducting an Effective HR Compliance Audit

Effective HR Compliance Audit Tips

There’s far more to HR than just ensuring your company’s employees are happy in their positions and focused on the company’s goals. From health and safety to very serious issues such as sexual harassment, HR has a huge range of responsibilities.

One of the most important responsibilities of any HR department is complying with the numerous workplace laws and regulations that have been set up to … Read More

Employee Discipline 101

Employee Discipline 101

Employee Discipline 101: How to Write Up an Employee

Writing a letter of reprimand for an employee that’s failing to perform is a difficult task for many HR professionals. It’s often tough to achieve the balance of objectivity and feedback that’s required for effective employee performance management.

Learning how to effective write up an employee is one of the most important skills anyone in a … Read More

Hiring an HR Consultant

Skills in Hiring an HR Consultant

Hiring an HR Consultant: 5 Key Skills and Competencies to Look For

If your business is expanding, keeping track of the needs of your workforce can be a major challenge. Many businesses that experience rapid growth quickly understand the need for professional HR assistance and the value that it can provide.

Your business has several options for managing the needs of its staff. You can hire … Read More