Background Investigation

Resumes Don’t Say It All: How to Find the Right People

The recruitment process is a two-way street, but there are many challenges faced by employers in finding the right employees. Ed Peterson explains why looking at good-looking resumes doesn’t just make the cut and how HR specialists help in sifting through the recruiting process.


Background Investigation and Employment Verification HR Advisors’ Background Investigation Services offers your organization the confidence and protection against Negligent Hiring lawsuits and Workplace Safety and Welfare issues. Problem employees cause litigation problems. Every Employer has a legal duty to exercise due diligence in hiring and protecting its employees and assets.

Reliable Employment Verification and Background Investigation

DISC Behavior Analysis

All people are not the same. A strategy that works very effectively with one person may be disastrous with another. Trial and error learning about which strategies are effective with which person can be very costly in both time and emotion.

Assess your employees strengths and find opportunities where they should improve.

DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) Analysis reports are an in-depth examination of how your employees work.