Are Your I-9 Procedures Correct?

i-9 procedures

Form I-9: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

We’ve all heard the stories about the government “cracking down” over I-9 and Immigration procedures.  This checklist may help ensure that your processes are correct when you question jobseekers:

  • Ask each jobseeker whether he or she is authorized to work in the US.  Do Not Ask about Place of Birth or National Origin
  • Have each new hire fill out a Form I-9 within 3 days of starting work. Be sure the identification documents are included in the lists on the back of the I-9 Form.  Do they appear genuine? ACCEPT ORIGINALS only. 
  • If corrections are needed, attach the corrected I-9 to the previous I-9.  Never Alter an I-9 already written.
  • Store I-9s for current employees by year, in alphabetical order, in one place and for terminated employees, in chronological order, in a separate place.
  • Keep I-9s on file at least 3 years for current employees and for at least I year after an employee has left, whichever is longer.
  • If Social Security issues a “no match” letter, take no action against the employee without first going through the error checking procedures.
  • Consider using programs that automate status checks, such as E-Verify.
  • Conduct an annual I-9 or HR Compliance Audit.  Have this done by a Third-Party firm or someone not involved in the day-to-day I-9 Process.

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