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1-9 Audit Compliance Update

Poor documentation can cost you $1000 per worker and knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant can result in a $10,000 per worker fine. It’s not enough to properly execute a Form I-9 for every employee – you must also satisfy several record keeping requirements to stay on the right side of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Basic Retention Requirements

Your primary obligation is to keep … Read More

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Company’s Hiring Processes More Efficient

Efficient Hiring Processes

Is your business struggling to hire and retain great people? Hiring talented people to join your business can be a time-consuming process that can have a significant effect on your business’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives.

Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to make your hiring process more efficient, giving your business more time to focus on growth. Small but valuable optimizations to the way your … Read More

Finding Reliable People: 5 Ways to Make Sure Job Applicants are Reliable Choices

Hire Reliable People

From small businesses to large companies, every business – or every organization – is only as good as its employees.

When your business is built around reliable, highly skilled and professional people, progress and results come easily. You can’t grow any business by yourself, and it’s essential that your team represents your business’s values and goals.

Are you searching for reliable people to add to your … Read More

Should Your Company Use Recruitment Services to Find Staff?

Recruitment Services to Find Staff

Is your business beginning to expand? When your company is producing more and more revenue and dealing with a greater number of customers, it’s important that you expand your workforce to deal with the additional demands of trading.

There are many ways to hire new staff. Your company can hire based on referrals from its existing employees, advertise a position and hire directly, or work with … Read More

4 Ways to Make Your Employee Handbook More Effective

Effective Employee Handbook

Your company’s employee handbook is one of its most important documents. From directly communicating your expectations and requirements to employees to giving staff a blueprint for success, an employee handbook has several goals to achieve.

The primary goal of your employee handbook is to ensure that everyone that’s part of your company or organization, from managers to new hires, is on the same page with regards … Read More

How to Recruit Great People for Hard-to-fill Positions

Recruit Great People

Does your company need to hire a talented individual for a challenging position? It can be extremely hard to fill certain roles, particularly those that require advanced qualifications or a great deal of experience.

With demand for talented people high and competition between employers equally as great, it can be hard to set your company apart from its competitors when you’re aiming to hire someone truly … Read More

5 Practices for a More Effective HR Compliance Audit

HR Compliance Audit

From accountancy to marketing, auditing your business’s practices is an excellent way to ensure you’re working as efficiently, effectively and in compliance with the law.

By carrying out HR audits on a consistent schedule, your business can ensure its HR department is focused on achieving its goals and following established practices and procedures for successful, legal conduct.

Regular HR audits also reduce the risk of your … Read More

4 Techniques to Improve HR Practices and Compliance

Techniques to Improve HR Practices

Although HR compliance may not be the most exciting aspect of running a business, it’s certainly one of the most important. When your business fails to comply with its relevant laws and regulations, it risks lawsuits and other serious issues.

The business world has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, with new laws and regulations making everything from accounting to HR management far more of … Read More

7 Signs a Candidate Probably Isn’t Right For a Job

Signs a Candidate Probably Isn't Right

Hiring is rarely a straightforward process. While some candidates may offer great resumes and the perfect cover letter, their performance during an interview could make it clear that they aren’t a good match for your company.

Likewise, candidates that seem imperfect on paper can often match your company’s values and stand out in an interview. There’s no simple rule for choosing staff, but there are simple … Read More

4 Benefits of an HR Consultant for Startups and Growing Companies

Benefits of an HR Consultant

For many growing businesses and startups, the word “consultant” inspires thoughts of huge monthly retainer fees and serious ongoing expenses. While hiring an outside consultant may not be the first thing on most startup founders’ minds, it offers some significant benefits for rapidly-growing companies and startups.

From reducing the amount your company spends on human resources to giving you access to a far wider pool of … Read More