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Protect yourself from potential lawsuits and employee disputes with HR ON DEMAND from HR ADVISORS.
HR ON DEMAND provides unlimited low cost, real-time access to a dedicated HR expert along with a complete package of compliance materials.

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Outsourcing Human Resource Consultants for Management Compliance Support

Few challenges affect businesses as significantly today as the mishandling and the incorrect disposition of employee related issues. Many small and medium size companies delegate employment and human resource issues to operations executives or other employees who may not have the specialized training necessary to navigate these operational areas correctly and in compliance with many of the applicable state and federal regulations. A company of this size may not presently have the budget for a full time HR consultant or administrator in such a position.

Top Human Resource Mistakes Companies Make

HR Advisors has developed a turn-key solution with HR ON DEMAND, a 24/7 support program that provides companies like yours all of the solutions you need to properly administer a complete and comprehensive Human Resources Services Program for a nominal monthly fee.

You will be able to protect yourself from potential lawsuits, mitigate damages from inter-employee interactions, and provide support for your employees’ performance with correct and accurate management of their professional needs in a business environment.

To learn more, listen to the full interview here:

Interview: Why Consult with Human Resource Experts?

HR ON DEMAND is your solution. With this program you can handle human resource compliance strategies for 1 to 50 employees. HR ON DEMAND provides you with:

  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support
  • Personal, Hands-On guidance on how to document corrective action issues, terminations, performance evaluations, and other employee management related functions.
  • Employee Handbook Review and annual Labor Laws updates
  • Customized Employee Documents — Pre-Hire through Separation
  • Required Federal and State Posters
  • Government-compliant Employee File Models
  • HIPAA Protection
  • Review of Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • HR Tips and Quarterly Newsletter

Our Program provides the building blocks you need to select, manage, and retain valuable employees and to increase your confidence and control over employment issues. It provides you with the documentation strategy, support and forms necessary to be in compliance with regulations and laws that can impact you as a result of employee / employer interactions.

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