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HR Advisors is a full service Recruiting Company that provides a scalable solution for recruitment outsourcing to effectively and economically identify, screen and acquire executives and staff personnel for companies of any size.

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Why Can’t I Hire Good People?

This is one of the biggest questions startups or even large companies complain about. Ed Peterson answers this question and gives advice on how to hire the good people for your company.

Recruitment Program

We provide innovative and scalable human resource outsourcing and staffing solutions to companies of any size. We provide our clients with an alternative to standard contingency and retained agency fees by utilizing one or more of our recruiters on an hourly basis. We offer the flexibility of either long or short-term assignments in our outsourced Recruiting Services

Direct Source Research

HR Advisors provides a solution for the ongoing Direct Source Research for any job category or position. This gives us the ability to provide you with strong candidates who may not be actively seeking a change of employment at the present time.

Candidate Screening

HR Advisors Candidate Screening and Profiling service assists you in targeting the passive job seeker. This service includes the generation of resumes and a concise pre-screening process. Unlike other Recruiting Services, our Research Team will survey the candidate’s motivation and suitability based upon your screening criteria.

Customized Job Posting

Skills in Hiring an HR ConsultantHR Advisors Customized Job Posting service provides you with an exceptional staffing support strategy. Creating effective job postings and distributing them effectively through a wide range of outlets is key to building a strong net to recruit potential employees. Many organizations do not have the skill set or time to accomplish this task well.

Job Seekers

We invite you to visit our job listing site. This will allow access to our current position listings as well as the means to submit your resume for consideration for one of our client companies.

For more information about these services, call the Recruiting Services in town – HR Advisors – at (877) 344-8324 now!

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