"I just want to know that your team have been life savers.  We don’t have any big issues going on but when I need advice in regards to the best outcome for the company, they are always available to speak to us, explain everything and answer all questions.  I don’t have reason to call often, thankfully, but when I do, it is always a positive experience." 

Cindy Brown, Director of Operations, J-Squared General Contractors



"Since day one as we became part of your “HR on demand – outsourced
HR program”, we felt very confident but mostly felt weight off our shoulders. You have
helped us hands on and every time I call or email you reply right away. Your advice is
very helpful and with your ability to relate our issues to an attorney just makes it even
more amazing....Thank you again and we really appreciate all of your hard work and concern on our company."

Ariana Bustamante, General Manager, Jacky Lines Inc



"If I need to terminate an employee [HR Advisors] are right there to comfort me and to make me aware of the best way to say and not to say things. I love knowing that [HR Advisors] would even take the meeting for me and handle it personally. I have emailed you in the morning and have had a representative of the company come to my office within a short amount of time to help me. It is truly amazing customer service."

Samuel B. Ledwitz, President & Managing Partner, The Law Firm of Bezaire, Ledwitz & Associates



"Our company was with HR Advisors for 6 years and had an excellent experience. HR Advisors gives you the tools so you are always up to date and confident that you are in compliance. They are also there to help with any tricky HR situations that can arise in a small business. HR Advisors was the first HR service that we had ever used so I assumed that all HR services would be the same, boy was I wrong. We switched to an all in one Payroll/HR service in January with a very well known payroll company and I have been extremely disappointed. We will be back with HR Advisors next month and do not plan on changing that as long as we are in business. The impeccable service HR Advisor provides is priceless. I would recommend their service to any employer!"

Heather Kelly, Office Manager, Greydog Signs & Displays



"Small businesses like mine can rarely afford to hire a full-time HR employee but at the same they can afford even less the high costs involved with the consequences of misinterpretation of labor laws or mishandling of employee-employer relationships. I find it very helpful and cost effective to rely on the services provided by HR Advisors as our consultants for HR related issues."

Angela Meyer, Director of Finance & Administration, MMD Components



"Whether I am launching a start-up or growing an existing company, HR Advisors provides the human resources and recruiting band with I need to produce results fast. HR Advisors has become an integral part of my team, working with our staff on-site, to understand our requirements and help us build a winning organization. HR Advisors is a cost-effective, full-service alternative to traditional retained search firms."

Elliot Broadwin, President & CEO, S-Vision



"We use HR Advisors as our single source recruiting. Their staff expertly handles each step in the recruiting process including the sourcing and screening of candidates, coordinating interviews and providing feedback, reference checking, and offer presentation. They have successfully filled a wide variety of technical, administrative and management positions for us in a very competitive job market."

Gary Pohl, Director of Human Resources, Verisign, Inc.



"It has been a pleasure working with HR Advisors' team of professionals. They are very accomplished in effective sales recruiting. I have truly felt they are an extension of my staff and am very pleased with the working relationship and the results. Our ability to hire has improved dramatically, as evidenced by the results. The quality of people we have hired has been very strong."

Janet Gregory, VP Sales, Lattitude Communications



"Retaining HR Advisors was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. They are the wiser best friend that everyone wishes she has. They are there to listen and give sound human resource and compliance advice. They let me know what to look out for, and when I was in a tough situation such as having to terminate an employee, HR Advisors was there to hold my hand through the process. 

I highly recommend them for any company that has employee(s). I know money cannot buy happiness, but HR Advisors can give you peace of mind."

Lisa Nguyen, President, Payroll Ready



A few of our clients…


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