The Importance of Regular Feedback


Giving your employees feedback about their work performance makes a positive impact on your company. Below is a short list of why this type of communication is key.

  • Regular performance feedback lets your employees know what they're doing well, and which areas they can improve in. Instead of just pointing out what is not working, good performance feedback offers tips and suggestions on how to do better in the workplace.
  • When managers and employees communicate honestly on a regular basis, it creates a better relationship between them over time. The main reason employees leave a company is when they have a poor relationship with their manager. If feedback is given both ways, it can help retain employees. Also, employees will likely feel more comfortable approaching their managers with questions, comments, or concerns, and managers will have an easier time giving direction.
  • Feedback eliminates guesswork. When managers and employees are guessing, it typically means communication is lacking. Poor communication can lead to poor performance and low productivity or work quality. Regular feedback provides employees with an understanding of exactly what is expected of them.
  • Regular performance feedback helps improve conversation skills. It encourages to communicate better with not only their manager but other co-workers as well, which improves teamwork.

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