4 Benefits of an HR Consultant for Startups and Growing Companies


For many growing businesses and startups, the word “consultant” inspires thoughts of huge monthly retainer fees and serious ongoing expenses. While hiring an outside consultant may not be the first thing on most startup founders’ minds, it offers some significant benefits for rapidly-growing companies and startups.

From reducing the amount your company spends on human resources to giving you access to a far wider pool of talented, interesting future employees, working with an HR consultant offers some serious advantages for your company.

Does your business need help managing its hiring and recruiting processes, making sure its current team performs at its best and ensuring it’s compliant with relevant workplace laws and regulations? Read on to learn the four biggest benefits of hiring an HR consultant to work with your growing company.

1. Attract a wider pool of skilled, in demand professionals. 

Just how good is your company at hiring skilled, talented and in demand staff? The most desirable employees – people with a combination of experience, expertise and creativity – are typically the most competitive and difficult to hire.

While your company may be able to fill some of its positions on its own, choosing to work with an HR consultant gives you access to a much wider pool of applicants for any positions your company needs to fill.

This means higher quality employees, a higher quality team and, as a result, higher quality output. Working with an HR consultant is one of the most effective ways to ensure your company is staffed and managed by the very best.

2. Focus on what your company does best while they manage HR. 

There’s a trade-off between time and results for every company out there. When you focus on human resources internally, it’s easy to end up taking valuable time away from tasks that are more fundamental to your company’s growth and development.

Your time is valuable, as is the time of your team. By working with an HR consultant, it’s far easier to free up your time to focus on making the big decisions while staffing and other HR-related tasks are managed on their own.

For many businesses, the key to growth is learning how to delegate effectively. With an expert HR consultant as part of your business, you’re free to focus on other tasks that are fundamentally important to your business, while human resources is managed on its own.

3. Gain access to incredible expertise and experience. 

How much does your team know about recruiting? In order to attract the best and brightest to your company, you need to have a recruiting and HR team that knows exactly what the best and brightest look for.

This means hiring a specialist. With an HR consultant working alongside your team, you have access to decades of expertise and experience to help you hire the best of the best and create a work environment that’s second to none.

From ensuring your company complies with all relevant regulations to creating an environment that encourages people to work at their best, hiring an HR consultant gives you access to serious skills, which lead to serious results for your company.

4. Reduce the amount your company spends on human resouces. 

Although the word “consultant” is often associated with costs for many, the reality is that working with an HR consultant could help save your company a large amount of money compared to hiring internally.

The alternative to hiring a consultant to manage your company’s recruiting and human resources, for many businesses, is to build an internal team. If your company is small, this can often cost far more than the monthly costs associated with hiring a consultant.

Not only that – you’ll only ever pay for what you need, saving your company costs that would otherwise be associated with an internal HR team that may not work to capacity all the time due to your company’s size.

Could your business benefit from an HR consultant?

From helping you access high quality staff to ensuring your workplace is safe, smart and supportive, hiring an HR consultant has numerous benefits for your company’s growth, development and culture.

Could your company benefit from an HR consultant? If you’re interested in growing your team, attracting additional talent to your company and producing results, then working with an HR consultant could be a sensible, affordable and effective decision.