4 Steps to Handle Tough Performance Problems


Have you ever delayed taking action with an under performing employee because you worried if you were being fair or didn’t know how to proceed? Knowing when to fire an employee or to move him to another job and knowing that you’ve been fair about it is key.

Bob Prosen, a management expert and author, of his new book “Kiss Theory Good Bye,” claims that this four-step performance management process works more than 80 percent of the time:

Step 1:  Clarify and quantify what you expect from the employee.  You should give the employee no more than three or four main objectives.

Step 2:  Ask the employee to identify in writing a maximum of three obstacles that keep him from meeting his objectives.

Step 3:  Let the employee do his job.  After you’ve cleared the roadblocks, the only thing left is the employee’s ability to do his job.  If he still doesn’t perform, you have been fair and it’s time for action.

If you have any specific performance problems, please contact HR Advisors to schedule some time to speak with us about those issues or check out our performance appraisal programs and evaluation process.