4 Ways to Make Sure Your Company Attracts Top-Performing Staff


Great companies are all about people. The world’s most well-known brands and most successful companies are the result of the hard work, creativity and results-focused attitudes of people the involved in them. With people playing such an important role in any company’s success, there’s an important question that every company founder has asked themselves: “How can our business attract and retain top-performing people that make it successful?”

Hiring top performers can be challenging. After all, the majority of companies are vying for the most capable and qualified candidates, making the competition for a small startup or growing company immense.

However, with the right techniques it’s possible to attract top-performing staff to your company. In this guide, we’ll share four hiring tactics that your business can use to stand out from the crowd and attract top-performing employees with ease.

1. Create a culture that inspires people to join you. 

Culture can be a powerful force, particularly when it comes to attracting people to your company. Companies with standout cultures – whether creative or focused on results – often attract talented people seeking to be a part of the culture.

Think of the energy a rapidly-growing startup has. Although a company of this type may not be able to compensate its employees to the same level as a large company, its energy and culture could make it a more appealing place to work.

Define your company’s culture and set its creation in motion and you might be able to attract top-performing employees that, were it not for your company’s powerful and different culture, would choose to work for your competitors.

2. Become a leading company in your industry. 

Being the leader in your industry has numerous advantages. You stand out as the most authoritative company, giving your products and services a level of prestige that your competitors may not be able to match.

You also stand out as one of the best places to work. There’s a reason ambitious technology industry professionals want to work for Apple or Google instead of a smaller company – they want to lead and create trends, not merely to follow.

If your company is currently number two or three in its industry, growing into the leading company in its industry could help you attract the type of people you have wanted to hire but previously couldn’t access.

3. Take a direct approach and recruit top performers. 

Many companies make the mistake of waiting for the right people to approach them instead of being proactive. They list positions in newspapers and industry journals, all the while failing to actively recruit top performing employees on their own.

A surprisingly large number of top-performing people are open to career change if the right opportunity arises. If your company approaches them directly or through an outsourced recruiting service, it could successfully recruit them.

The direct approach – whether in sales or recruiting – is often the most effective and rapid one, allowing your company to grow its team and attract top performers at an incredible rate and fuel real growth of its core business.

4. Offer fantastic compensation, bonuses and benefits. 

Top-performing professionals are often demanding – and rightfully so. As the best in their industries, they can afford to be discerning when it comes to job opportunities and ask for more in compensation, bonuses and benefits than their peers.

One of the best ways to attract top performers to your company is by offering them a fantastic compensation, bonus and benefits package. The key term here is fantastic – it needs to be better than the competition, not merely “competitive.”

Although this strategy is often unsustainable for startups and small companies with limited resources, offering a better compensation and benefits package is one of the most effective hiring strategies for established companies seeking top performers.