5 Benefits of Working With an HR Consultant as You Grow Your Business


Benefits of Using HR Consulting Services:

Is growth your company’s top priority? When you’re growing your business, having a skilled and capable team is essential. From technical staff to management, a great team can make rapid business growth less of a dream and more of a reality.

One of the hardest parts of growing your business is building the right team. Highly skilled and capable staff are naturally desired by many employers, and finding them and adding them to your team is often more difficult than it originally seems.

Because of this, a growing number of startups and established companies are using outsourced HR consultants to manage their hiring. Working with an HR consultant offers a number of benefits, particularly for companies focused on growth.

From reducing your human resources expenses to letting you focus on the biggest priorities for your company, read on to discover the five biggest benefits of working with an HR consultant to assemble the right team as your business grows.

1. Avoid the cost of hiring an HR team. 

Human resources is one of the most important parts of any business, but there can be a scale issue for many small to medium-sized businesses. Many companies could benefit from HR professionals, but lack the scale to make their own HR team a cost-effective solution.

Outsourcing your hiring and human resources tasks to an HR consultant saves your business a significant amount of money. Instead of hiring an HR team, you can enjoy the same benefits of having in-house HR professionals without the cost of paying an entire team’s salaries.

2. Save time to focus on your business. 

Hiring is incredibly time-consuming, especially for non-experts. From finding good candidates to working out how to contact them or how much they’re worth, adding new people to your business can often require hundreds of hours of research – time that could be better spent growing your business.

Outsourcing human resources not only saves you money; it also saves you time. Focus on growing your business and achieving your goals while benefiting from the experience of your own HR consultant working hard to find the best candidates for your latest opening and managing recruiting and compliance.

3. Benefit from their hiring experience. 

If you haven’t hired before, it’s often difficult to tell a good applicant from someone that isn’t suitable for the position. HR consultants don’t just help you find applicants for new openings – they also help you screen them to make sure you’re hiring your industry’s best and brightest people.

From checking up on references and qualifications to spotting an undervalued but experienced professional in a pile of otherwise unremarkable resumes, choosing a professional HR consultant to manage your hiring lets you tap into their experience and find the best candidates for your available positions.

4. Access a huge network of professionals. 

How large is your professional network? From the local Chamber of Commerce to a wide range of professional networking organizations, HR professionals have access to a huge network of professionals that lets them fill new positions in a fraction of the time it would take most CEOs or founders.

Instead of spending your time researching and sourcing applicants yourself, let an experienced professional team with an expansive network of contacts source new people for you. Not only does outsourcing human resources save time; it also gives you access to far more – and often far more qualified – people.

5. Ensure your company stays in compliance. 

Are you aware of the federal and state laws related to hiring? There are more than 22 federal employment laws, in addition to a massive range of different laws from one state to another. There’s more to human resources than just finding good people; one of the most difficult aspects of hiring for growing business is remaining compliant.

Human resources compliance is a massive topic, with laws and regulations ranging from OSHA to performance management and workers’ compensation. Choosing a professional HR consultant lets you make sure you’re fully compliant with human resources laws and regulations, leaving you safe and secure from litigation and claims against your company.