5 Top Performer Employees to Hire for Your Lean Startup


Originally proposed in 2011 by entrepreneur and blogger Eric Ries as a template for growing startups to follow, the Lean Startup methodology has grown into a valuable system used by many of the world’s most popular startups to grow rapidly. The Lean Startup system is simple: it’s built around the idea of creating an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product that serves not only to produce revenue, but to generate feedback from customers on what they want and what they don’t want.

Lean startups are all about saving money and time by focusing on launching quickly and generating feedback. As such, they require a specific team of focused employees who understand both your company and its growth and development strategy.

In this guide, we’ll share five top-performing employees that you, as a Lean Startup founder, should search for, seek out and hire as your business grows to get as much user feedback as possible and grow at a rapid pace.

The Designer

Whether you’re creating a tangible or intangible product, your product needs to be designed carefully in order to appeal to users. Because of this, having a focused and skilled designer on-board is absolutely essential.

Design changes are often some of the most frequent changes made by lean startups, particularly when it comes to usability. With a skilled and experienced designer, you can rapidly prototype new features and roll out design updates to help users.

The Developer

Even the greatest idea is worthless without good execution. Having an experienced, capable developer on your team lets you execute on your ideas quickly and add new features when they need to be added.

Whether you’re developing in PHP or Python, your developer needs to be able to get new features implemented and optimized smoothly. A bottleneck in development is often all it takes to slow down your entire startup, making a reliable developer vital.

The Manager

Even the most talented team will fail to produce anything of value without equally talented management. Early in your startup’s life, you might be able to manage it by yourself. As it scales, however, you’ll need to hire a manager to keep things on track.

Since Lean startups are all about customer feedback and continuous optimization, it helps to hire a manager with hands-on product experience. Go with someone whose knowledge extends beyond management into product design and engineering.

The Sales Expert

No matter how great your product is, you’ll never find customers without a sales and marketing expert onboard. Having a great salesperson – whether they sell in person or via advertising – will help you grow your revenues and user-base.

A skilled salesperson will also give you a continuous flow of new users, allowing you to solicit feedback and advice when you need it. Hire someone self-motivated, quick-thinking and driven to provide the growth engine your startup needs to succeed.

The Service Rep

Lean startups are all about customer service. It’s through effective customer service that you learn which features of your product your customers care about and which ones they don’t care about.

It’s also through great customer service that you learn how you can improve your product and make it a more effective, helpful tool. Having a focused, attentive team member who’s 100% dedicated to customer service will help you achieve this.