5 Ways to Make Your Entire Staff More Focused and Motivated


Whether your company specializes in B2C software development or B2B services, it can be difficult to keep your staff motivated and focused. Thousands of guides have been written on the topic, from simple How-To blog posts to in-depth books. Keeping your staff focused and motivated requires a combination of effective and results-focused management, a productive work environment and a culture that’s compelling and inspiring. It’s a tough balance to achieve, but a very rewarding one.

In this guide, we’ll share five ways that your company can make its staff – from the sales department to technical support – more motivated, effective and ambitious in their roles at your company.

1. Provide short and long-term goals for people to achieve. 

Without short-term goals, your staff can lack the direction they need to take action and achieve. Without long-term goals, endless short-term goals can feel like a daily to-do list that simply never ends.

The most focused and productive companies combine short-term milestones with long-term vision. Give your team short-term milestones to achieve on the path to a specific long-term vision and you’ll enjoy immediate action and steady motivation.

2. Make every member of your staff feel like they truly matter. 

One of the biggest causes of workplace burnout is a feeling that your contributions, regardless of their real importance, simply don’t matter. Employees that feel they aren’t appreciated quickly become unproductive and demotivated.

Make every member of your staff – from high-level management to new hires – feel as if they truly matter and you’ll energize your team, provide motivation for them to succeed and create a culture in which contribution is always rewarded.

3. Create a healthy, productive and comfortable work environment. 

The environment your employees work in can have a huge effect on their focus and productive output. From noise to natural light, a variety of factors can energize your team and encourage them to apply themselves to their work consistent.

Create a healthy work environment with plenty of natural light, minimal distracting noise and plenty of green life for optimum productivity. The healthier your office or work environment is, the higher your level of employee happiness will be.

4. Prevent boredom from reducing your staff’s productivity. 

Boredom can be a major source of lost productivity – when a task becomes a grind for employees, their work speed often slows dramatically. Because of this, it’s vital that your business focuses on making work fun in order to motivate its staff.

“Fun” doesn’t necessarily mean fun and games – instead, it means recognizing the important role that your staff play and rewarding them for it. When work is viewed as important by management and rewarded as such, its “fun factor” increases.

5. Offer rewards and incentives to be creative and effective. 

People respond to incentives. From commissions for sales, which are a major source of sales-related productivity, to recognition from seniors, providing incentives gives your team an additional real to work its hardest.

From bonuses to friendly competition between staff members and departments, it’s often most effective to introduce elements of performance-based compensation into your workplace to increase productivity and improve output.