Communication, Communication, Communication!


If you were to ask your employees what they like least about their jobs, you would not be surprised to hear that they typically might cite a problem with communication! In fact, in many employee attitude surveys, participating organizations across the board were rated lowest on questions related to communication, while at the same time, employees who took the survey said that communication was very important to them. If communication IS a problem in your organization, it would be wise to discover what types of information they feel they aren't receiving, for example:

  • Employees don't have a good understanding of what is expected of them or how they fit into the organization. Do you have clear and specific job descriptions and an organization chart?
  • Management does not provide employees with information about how the organization is doing or the direction in which it is heading. Do you have "all hands" meetings giving your vision of the organization and how the company is doing?
  • Employees feel they aren't well compensated because they don't have any information on the value of benefits and their total compensation. Do you provide your employees with what benefits cost and how that gives them a total compensation number?

What methods are best in enhancing communication in your workplace?

Intranet: This is a great place to share information on a number of topics for employees. 

Company Newsletter: This is a great way to communicate changes, successes, and important information to your employees. 

Meetings: Face-to-face meetings are particularly good when you have good news to share and when you want to allow questions from employees. 

Employee Surveys: A well-written survey provides feedback on how employees feel about the organization, their role in the company, and communication at each level. However, conducting a survey and then leaving employees feeling as if they weren't heard or that nothing actually will happen as a result may cause more harm than good.