Hiring an HR Consultant


5 key skills and competencies to look for:

If your business is expanding, keeping track of the needs of your workforce can be a major challenge. Many businesses that experience rapid growth quickly understand the need for professional HR assistance and the value that it can provide.

Your business has several options for managing the needs of its staff. You can hire a HR professional to work internally – a solution that, in many cases, is time consuming and far from optimal.

An alternative solution is to hire an HR consultant to work with your business and ensure the needs of its workforce are managed. Working with an HR consultant is a good way to give your business the help it needs without the long hiring process.

Working with an HR consultant is far easier than hiring someone internally, but it’s still important for your business to do its research and due diligence before making the decision to bring a professional consultant into the mix.

In this guide, we’ll share five key skills and competencies that you should look for in an HR consultant. From experience to people skills, use these five skills to make the best decision for your staff and your business.

1. Experience

When your company is growing rapidly, it needs a skilled and experienced HR team to manage its workforce. Choosing an HR consultant with extensive experience gives you the knowledge and competence that only a long, established career can provide.

Experienced HR professionals have encountered a wide range of different situations throughout their careers, giving them the experience and insight to know what to do when your business or one of its staff members faces a dilemma.

Highly experienced HR professionals have also dealt with tough situations such as employee termination before, giving them an understanding of exactly how to deal with potentially difficult situations that your business could encounter as it grows.

2. Understanding

The larger your company’s workforce gets, the harder it becomes to manage it with no dedicated HR staff. Your company’s HR consultant may need to deal with several hundred people on a regular basis, making a sense of understanding important.

HR professionals need to understand what motivates employees and how a source of motivation can be used to maximize performance. They need to understand the potential problems an employee could run into in the workplace.

Beyond this, an HR consultant should understand your company’s key priorities and the role its workforce plays in achieving these. An understanding of your company and its staff is essential for productive HR management.

3. People Skills

Arguably the most important aspect of HR management is ensuring that the people that make up your business – from new hires to experienced staff – are happy in their roles and focused on achieving your company’s goals.

In order to ensure the people side of your business operates smoothly, it’s vital for any HR professional to have strong people skills and the ability to communicate in a wide variety of settings and situations with ease.

From understanding what makes people productive to being able to discuss issues such as compensation and benefits, good people skills give an HR professional the power to keep the people side of your business running smoothly.

4. Organization

Managing a business with 50, 100 or more employees is an extremely demanding task, and one that requires a great deal of organizational skills. Hiring a dedicated HR consultant gives your business the organization it needs to prosper.

HR professionals with strong organizational skills understand which tasks need to be prioritized in order to produce optimum results and can manage your company’s HR tasks without falling behind the pace of the company’s growth.

Strong organizational skills are particularly important for companies that grow at a rapid pace, where the company’s major goals and priorities could be different from one month to the next.

5. Technology Skills

Modern HR management is often heavily dependent on technology – a fact that makes it important to hire an HR consultant with technology skills that give them the competence to operate online HR tools and digital applications.

Being able to competently and confidently use technology can significantly speed up and optimize your company’s HR management, making it an essential skill for any HR consultant in the 21st century.

If your company is heavily dependent on technology in its operations, it’s important to hire an HR consultant with an equally strong understanding of technology to run its HR department.