How to Manage a Small, Focused Team (Without Managing Too Much)


With excellent management, great teams can become far more than the sum of their parts. Unfortunately, many businesses hire all the right people but fail to apply great management techniques to allow them to work effectively.

It’s hard to achieve anything alone, particularly in a competitive industry. Working as an efficient, cooperative team is one of the best ways to increase your business’s efficiency and get more done in each workday.

Does your business depend on small, focused teams? Read on to learn how you can manage your small team more effectively to get more work done, achieve a higher quality end result and become a more efficient business.

Start early by hiring the right people. 

The best teams are always made up of the best people. While great management can improve the efficiency of any team, you’ll get the best results by combining a highly competent team of people with excellent management.

Does your business hire the best people in its field? If you’re interested in improving your results and getting more done, start by hiring talented employees that can help any team meet its targets.

Remember that effective team building starts with choosing the right people to be a part of your team. Hire top performers and, with effective management, you’ll create a team that can achieve any goal.

Make yourself part of the team. 

Many teams have management that seems effective but ultimately fails to get much done. This is often because management feels external from the team itself, instead of feeling like part of the team that’s actively involved in each project.

As a manager, it’s essential that you know your team members and understand the situations and issues that affect them regularly. By becoming a part of the team, it’s far easier to stay on top of the situations it faces every day.

Are you part of your team, or are you an external manager? By making yourself part of the team you manage, you can manage directly and respond faster to issues that would otherwise hold the team back and reduce productivity.

Build morale by achieving goals. 

Team building exercises are great for building morale and making each member of your team feel more comfortable around their colleagues. However, they’re quite a time consuming exercises that can often distract from other goals and objectives.

One of the best ways to improve your team’s morale is to focus on achieving goals, gradually expanding the scope of each goal as the last one is achieved. This makes your team members feel more confident as their track record of success grows.

Can you split your large goals into several smaller goals? Breaking down objectives is a great way to help your team make gradual progress that improves morale and inspires confidence and success, increasing your team’s ability to work efficiently.

Small team? Try working remotely. 

Have you considered managing your team remotely? Remote teams – teams made up of people that work remotely or from home – can often be far more productive than centralized teams that work together in an office environment.

Many of the world’s leading businesses have made use of remote teams to achieve objectives at a low cost. Reduced overhead and the ability to collaborate between locations are just two of the significant benefits of managing a remote team.

Can your business become more efficient by working remotely? If your team has the potential to work from different locations to achieve its goals, consider using a work arrangement to improve morale and strengthen your team’s bond.