OSHA Safety Tips

Below are some OSHA tips for managers when they are doing safety walkarounds. 


Prepare. Familiarize yourself with the workplace, operations, and hazards that have already
been identified. One main goal of a walkaround is to check if previous hazards have been

Wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). OSHA says that "nothing takes away
credibility faster than having the wrong PPE or not wearing it properly."

Check for injury precursors. Walls or doors damaged by equipment may be a cause of injury for
workers in the future.

Talk to workers. Make them feel comfortable to talk with you. Let them know you want to
improve safety and will not blame anyone for the findings.

Observe workers while they perform their job. Check/make note if they are lifting heavy
objects, if they are standing/sitting in awkward postures or if they are performing repetitive

Find immediate solutions. Coming up with solutions on the spot will show that making the
workplace safer is a priority.

Follow up. Following up strengthens the level of trust that you built with the employees. OSHA
recommends that managers put together a post-walkaround plan that shows how hazards will
be addressed in a timely manner, and what some of the temporary solutions will be in the