Who to Recruit: The 5 Characteristics of a Great Addition to Your Business


5 Qualities of Effective Employees

Is it time to add new people to your business? Hiring is a difficult process for many businesses. One of the aspects of hiring that most businesses struggle with the most is finding the best applicant from a list of hundreds of cover letters and resumes.

In this guide, we’ll cover five characteristics that you should look for in an applicant, as well as how to test for them. From confidence to resourcefulness, read on to learn about the five things you should look for when hiring for your business.

1. Self-Confidence

Confidence is one of the most important characteristic anyone can have. It’s also not restricted in value; while many people think confidence is essential only for roles in sales or marketing, it’s actually immensely important in any professional role.

People that understand the situation and know that they can find the best solution are immensely valuable for any business. From engineering and manufacturing to management, confidence is a vital characteristic for every part of your business.

Confidence is difficult to define, but it’s easy to notice. Look at how an interviewee speaks. Are they confident in the answers they’re giving, or do they quickly change when questioned?

2. Career Experience

There’s no substitute for experience. When you’re hiring for an important role, it’s vital that you look for signs of previous experience within your industry, or a role that’s similar, when selecting from candidates.

Experienced people are more likely to understand the ins and outs of your industry and naturally excel in their position. They’re also far less likely to require extensive coaching as they begin working as part of your business.

Checking for career experience is simple. Look for years of service at businesses in the same industry or sector as yours, and quiz your applicants to make sure they’re familiar with important aspects of the job they’re interviewing for.

3. Professional Loyalty

No business wants to hire someone that will only last for six months or a year on the job. Professional loyalty is one of the most important characteristics of a great hire – it’s also, as the job market changes, become increasingly difficult to find.

Like experience, spotting professional loyalty is simple: study an applicant’s resume and see how much time they spent with each employer. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior, so check that an applicant doesn’t ‘jump’ between jobs.

It’s also possible to check for loyalty in young and inexperienced candidates. During their interview, ask them for examples of commitment and hard work in other areas of their lives, such as personal development or education.

4. Resourcefulness

Time is money, and people who can quickly adapt to new situations and challenges will cost your business less and help it earn more. In the digital age, resourcefulness is one of the most valuable characteristics of any addition to your business.

Like confidence, resourcefulness is often difficult to spot in a resume or cover letter sent by an applicant. However, things like raising funds or managing projects in one of their previous positions often indicate that an applicant is resourceful.

Interviews are the ideal place to learn more about someone’s resourcefulness. Ask applicants how they would approach unusual tasks that need to be completed on a rapid schedule to learn how they act in situations that demand adaptability.

5. Great Work Ethic

It should go without saying, but people that are willing to work hard in to achieve challenges and meet deadlines are worth prioritizing. A great work ethic is one of the most important part of any professional, and it shouldn’t be undervalued.

One place to spot a solid work ethic is in a candidate’s employment history. Did they work their way up to their current position based on continual advancement, or did they spend year after year in the same position?

If your company has ambitious targets to achieve and strict deadlines to meet, make an industrious work ethic a key characteristic for applicants. Ask them for previous examples of them hustling and working hard to meet a deadline or achieve a goal.