The Science of Hiring: 5 Tips to Write the Perfect Job Posting


How to write effective job postings:

Finding great people to add to your company isn’t always easy. From experience and loyalty to specific skills and qualifications, a great job posting can help you target the type of applicants you want while avoiding those that aren’t suitable for the role.

In this blog post, we’ll share five hiring tactics that you can use to write a job posting that attracts your ideal applicant. From specific details to the right job titles, read on to learn what to include (and what to exclude) from your next job posting.

1. Be as specific as you possibly can. 

Every company is different, and a Lead Programmer or Creative Director that’s part of your company might need a different skillset to someone in the same position at a different company.

Go beyond job titles and be as specific as possible in your posting. List specific parts of the job and in-depth requirements so that applicants know what you require and can easily see if the job matches their experience and professional skill set.

2. Provide some salary information. 

While It’s best not to include specific salary information in your job posting, you’ll receive a higher response rate if you include at least some information regarding compensation.

This doesn’t have to be overly detailed – often, a simple message stating that your compensation is competitive is all it takes. Make sure you also list insurance, perks and other benefits so applicants have an idea of what to expect.

3. Talk about your company culture. 

Your company’s size and culture can have a serious impact on an applicant’s desire to work with you. Some people might like to work within a big company with lots of room for career growth, while others might be looking for a smaller company.

Include some information about your company’s position within the market and its size in your listing. If you’re focused on growth, let applicants know! If you’re a small but passionate company, make this detail an integral part of your job posting.

4. Use simple, traditional job titles. 

Most people search for specific job titles online instead of reading an entire section on popular hiring websites. Using traditional job titles might sound boring, but it’s a great way to make sure your listings show up in job search results.

Terms like “rainmaker” belong in the posting itself as extra details, not as the title of the position you’re hiring for. Stick to well-known professional titles to attract more people to your application.

5. List 'must haves' in your posting. 

What are your deal breakers? If a candidate needs to have certain qualifications or experience in your industry, list them in your job listing to filter out anyone that’s not suitable for your position.

Remember that more detail is always better, and listing qualifiers won’t cut down your response rate within your target audience. Be specific and inform applicants that you’re looking for a certain skill set in your listing to save both parties time.