Job Posting

How to Recruit Great People for Hard-to-Fill Positions


Does your company need to hire a talented individual for a challenging position? It can be extremely hard to fill certain roles, particularly those that require advanced qualifications or a great deal of experience.

With demand for talented people high and competition between employers equally as great, it can be hard to set your company apart from its competitors when you’re aiming to hire someone truly exceptional.

Luckily, it’s still possible to recruit great people for positions that are challenging to fill. These five tips, tactics and techniques will help your company differentiate itself from its competitors and win the attention of talented, exceptional people.

Start with a detailed, specific job posting. 

The more specific you can be in your job posting, the greater your chance of finding a top-performing employee. Talented people know what they’re good at, and they’re far more likely to respond to a clear, detailed job posting than a generic one.

Outline the exact skills and qualifications you’re looking for, from specific technical skills to the qualifications and credentials you need. Be as specific as possible in all aspects of your posting, from experience and education to qualifications.

The more detailed your posting is, the better the image of the position candidates will see when they read it. Describe your position in detail and you’ll attract great candidates with a clear idea of what you’re searching for.

Offer a competitive salary and benefits. 

It may sound obvious, but offering a competitive salary and great benefits is often the key to winning talented employees. Highly talented, skilled people know what they’re worth, and they’re unlikely to even entertain an unimpressive offer.

Study your industry so that you have a full understanding of compensation, benefits and other forms of payment for employees. The better you know your industry and its average compensation, the better you can make your offer for new hires.

It’s also important not to be shy about the benefits and salary your company has to offer its staff. Since most top-performers are already employed and changing from one employer to another, they need a serious offer to consider making the jump.

Prepare a detailed, comprehensive hiring plan. 

Does your company have a plan for hiring new people? Without a plan, it’s easy for your business to spend a large amount of time – and often a significant amount of money – attempting to hire talented people without any success.

Before you start the hiring process, prepare a detailed, comprehensive plan so that your HR department knows exactly which steps to take. List platforms you’ll use to find people, limits on salaries and benefits and other important information.

If your company is relatively small and hasn’t hired for many hard-to-fill positions before, consider working with a recruiting company. They will have an established process for filling high-competition positions that your company can benefit from.

Be prepared to negotiate – you’ll need to. 

Since in-demand people understand what they’re worth and how valuable they are to employers, it’s unlikely that your company will be able to hire a top-performer without some level of negotiation.

From salary to benefits, working hours and other important aspects of the job, you’ll need to be prepared to negotiate to ensure both parties – your company and its new employee – are treated fairly as part of your working relationship.

Again, this is an area where understanding your industry is important. If you have a full understanding of the standard conditions throughout your industry, your team will be better prepared to negotiate with any prospective employees.

Make it clear you reward top performers. 

Does your business reward people that go above and beyond their expectations? A common fear of top-performing staff is that their contributions – which often go far beyond expectations – will be missed, passed over or ignored.

No one likes being ignored after putting in extra effort, making it important for your business to clearly communicate to any prospective employees that it pays attention to people that contribute beyond par.

Make it clear, during the hiring and interview process, that your company rewards its top performers, and you’ll become a more appealing opportunity for the people interested in working for you.