Recruitment Services

Should You Recruit Internally or Use a Recruitment Services Company?


Is your business expanding? One of the most common challenges business owners and entrepreneurs face is expanding their team with skilled, effective employees as their businesses grow.

There are several ways to recruit new people to fill roles in your business. You can recruit internally, hiring people that already work for you to take on a new job and fill a new position.

You can also recruit externally, hiring people from outside your business to fill an important role. Finally, your business can use a recruitment services company to locate and recruit talented people that can add value to your business.

Which of the above options is best? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages for every business. Read on to learn more about the best way to recruit people and expand your team as your business grows.

Recruiting internally: 

Recruiting employees can be a costly process. Not only does your business need to spend a significant amount of money to hire people; training new employees could cost a significant amount of time – a resource that’s often equally valuable.

Internal recruitment has several advantages. When you promote someone that is already a part of your business, you promote someone you know, and, through the interview and work process, someone that your organization can trust.

People recruited internally usually understand the way your business works, have a good feel for the company’s objectives and culture, and feel comfortable in their new job faster than an external recruit.

By recruiting internally, your business may also be able to save money. Recruiting is a costly process, and promoting someone from within your company can reduce the cost of expanding your team, freeing up capital for other aspects of your business.

Recruiting externally: 

While recruiting internally has several advantages, sometimes it’s necessary to look outside your business in order to find a suitable candidate. This is common if you’re involved in a small business that’s rapidly expanding its team with new employees.

There are several advantages to external recruitment. One of the biggest is that you can access an entirely new pool of talented people, giving your business a large level of choice and selection.

Another significant advantage of recruiting externally is that new people can bring new ideas and strategies into your business. This can help you excel in your specific marketplace and become a more effective, profitable company.

Recruiting externally also allows your business to fill each role with the best person for the job. Rather than putting an existing employee in a role they may not be 100% suited for, your company can search for the ideal candidate for the position.

Using a recruiting services company: 

Does your company need to fill a very specific position? When you’re searching for a talented employee and need to access the very best, it’s often a better strategy to use a recruiting services company than to hire internally or externally.

Recruiting services companies have access to many of the best people within your industry. They can reach out to employees at your competitors and inform them of opportunities within your business.

This can give you access to highly talented, effective and proven people, giving your business a greater ability to select from the best and brightest in its industry to fill in new roles, add new skill sets and fuel its growth.

Although recruiting services companies come with a cost, the right person can be an incredible investment for your company. This makes choosing a recruiting company a cost-effective, intelligent solution for many rapidly growing businesses.

Should Your Company Use Recruitment Services to Find Staff?


Is your business beginning to expand? When your company is producing more and more revenue and dealing with a greater number of customers, it’s important that you expand your workforce to deal with the additional demands of trading.

There are many ways to hire new staff. Your company can hire based on referrals from its existing employees, advertise a position and hire directly, or work with a recruitment agency to outsource the task of hiring someone.

In this guide, we’ll look at four of the biggest benefits of using the third option: a recruitment agency. Read on to learn why your company should use recruitment services when it needs to find the right people to add to its team.

You’ll attract a higher level of candidate. 

One of the biggest benefits of working with a recruitment agency is that you can access a higher standard of candidate than normal. This is because recruitment agencies often approach people already in employment with your offer.

This means that your job listing won’t just be responded to by people looking for work – it will also be advertised directly to people that are already in a high level position as a new job opportunity.

Your business benefits from access to highly qualified, capable and experienced people that otherwise may not see your job listing, expanding the pool of people that could end up working for your business.

You’ll be able to access far more people. 

As well as being able to attract higher quality candidates to your business, using a recruitment agency lets your business access a larger number of people, expanding your ability to fill a new position.

Since recruitment agencies fill hundreds of positions per year, they know exactly where to advertise your job posting, which publications to reach out to, and how your business can best maximize its audience.

The end result of this in-depth knowledge is more candidates for your business to choose from and a greater level of access to high quality employees that could help your business grow.

You’ll save time and focus on your business. 

Hiring can be an extremely demanding process, particularly if you’re attempting to fill a challenging position. It can take a huge amount of time to find the right person for the job – time that can often result in reduced business productivity.

If your business is already pushed to the limit dealing with its existing customers or clients, managing the hiring process could be a daunting task that makes it difficult for your business to deal with its existing operations.

Working with a recruiting firm, on the other hand, frees up time and allows you to focus on what you do best: running and growing your business without needing to deal with extra tasks or distractions.

You’ll benefit from expert hiring knowledge. 

If you’ve never hired before, the process of adding new people to your business can be extremely challenging. There’s their salary and benefits to consider, competitors to research and study, and the hiring market to understand and learn about.

All this can be an extremely difficult job, particularly if you’ve never hired someone for the specific position you need to fill. This makes the expert hiring knowledge of a professional recruiter all the more appealing.

When you work with a recruiting agency, you don’t just access a higher quality level of candidate – you also get higher quality help. Their in-depth knowledge can result in your business getting the high quality candidates it needs without all the stress.