Direct Source Research

HR Advisors' Recruiting Department provides ongoing Direct Source Research for any job category or position. This gives us the ability to provide you with strong candidates who may not be actively seeking a change of employment at the present time.

Strategic Staffing Solutions: What is Direct Source Research?

Direct Source Research or “DSR” is the process of identifying qualified candidates by penetrating targeted competitor companies to obtain valuable organizational information.

What are the Advantages of Direct Source Research?

Our Recruiting Team recruits or “sources” directly into targeted companies, not random data banks. We search beyond the internet into the passive candidate arena. We help our clients identify their competitors and assist them with determining the profile and characteristics of the candidates they are seeking. Our goal is to enable our clients to pursue qualified candidates that meet their position requirements who may not be actively seeking to change companies. We can help you strengthen your recruiting process with our strategic staffing solutions. 

Direct Source Benefits

  • Targeted industry research
  • Profiles of interested and qualified candidates sourced from your competitors and other targeted companies
  • Data on organizational structure and technical infrastructure
  • Company names, locations and contact information

Direct Source Research is a lower cost alternative to other recruiting methods such as classified ads, online job postings and staffing agencies. Our fee structure is scalable depending on the scope of work required and your staffing needs.

HR Advisors understands that your time is very valuable. We know you need to find candidates that meet your hiring managers’ or clients’ needs ASAP. Let us assist you in utilizing the type of Direct Source Research that best suits your recruiting needs.

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