Employee Handbook Development

An employee handbook is a fundamental requirement of a sound HR program. HR Advisors will develop an employee handbook that establishes the guidelines directing day-to-day contacts between the employee and the employer, which will serve to minimize possible misunderstandings and potential conflicts. The employee handbook will clearly and simply present the organization’s philosophy, objectives, policies, employee benefits and other aspects of the employment relationship. In addition, it will provide a convenient reference to help guide employees and management.

The morale of any working group depends to a great extent upon the effectiveness with which an organization’s policies and operating procedures are communicated. When communication between management and the employee is direct and easy to comprehend, misunderstandings and unrest are less likely to occur.

Content of Employee Handbook

The contents of the employee handbook differ according to the needs and objectives of each organization. It may be used as both a guide during employee orientation, and also as a recruiting aid and a PR tool. The employee handbook should be designed to build interest and enthusiasm, and help the employee identify with the organization.

Among the more important subjects that will be included are:

  • A brief review of the company’s history
  • A statement of the organization’s philosophy
  • A statement of each of the principal policies
  • Operating rules and commonly observed customs
  • Applicable state and federal laws
  • A summary of various employee benefit plans

For information on how to get started with the development of your company's employee handbook, please contact us.