Retained Search

Do you have an opening in your organization that is strategic to the success of your company?  Have you opened a position that is new to the organization and never been occupied previously whereas there may be some ambiguity as to what you are looking for?  Is there a role that has been open for an extended period of time with minimal success in generating candidates?  

Our Retained Search option has proven to be successful in all of the above instances.  Under this option, a very thorough, exhaustive approach is utilized by one of our senior-level consultants.  These individuals are not working on a large number of job openings, but rather dedicated to filling those difficult to find positions.  Acting as true business partners, the process is consultative, research-based and solution oriented.  The consultant provides ongoing feedback to the client on market perception of their organization, compensation levels and any other issues that could hinder ability to recruit the best candidate.

Unlike a contingency arrangement where there is no upfront financial obligation, under the retained model the organization pays a portion of the anticipated fee up front.  This solidifies the engagement between HR Advisors and the client both contractually and financially.  The result is a senior-level consultant investing extensive time, energy and effort filling your need.  Under a contingent model, since there is no guarantee of payment, a consultant cannot afford to invest much time in a search outside of processing individuals that are actively looking.  Under the retained model, we are identifying and reaching out to targeted, passive candidates, “selling” your organization.  

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